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The Glam dolls are here to help you slay a Birthday, Prom, Competition, and/or Holiday Party. We want to mesmerize your beauty with our magic!


Everyone will have their eyes on you, during your most special day. We're here to doll you up to what you envision, whether it's to bring out your glow from within or if it's that extra sass you've always dreamed of, for your wedding day!


This beauty squad will provide flawless looks that will make memories to last a lifetime for Engagements, Maternity, Family, and/or Modelling photoshoots.

Bridal Airbrushing

Bridal Airbrushing 

Airbrush is known for it's lightweight flawless finish, ideal for brides who desire coverage that is impeccably smooth and even throughout.  

Airbrush makeup is silicone based, which means it lasts longer and is more water resistant than traditional makeup. It can withstand most of the hugging and kissing that will inevitably happen throughout the wedding day.


  • Oil free

  • Paraben Free

  • Non comedogenic 

  • Hypoallergenic 


Hi dolls, I'm Sam Brooks and I live in Buffalo, Ny. I have lived all over the map including Thailand, Canada and South Florida. Clinique, is where I learned the importance of skin care and how it affects the way our makeup looks and feels on. I have a bachelors degree from SUNY Brockport but a masters degree in BEATING THE FACE! I studied and am certified at The New York Makeup Academy, NYC, where I learned technical training but I believe true artistry resonates from within. 

I am a wife and a mother of five. I began this business with Jazel because I felt like women need a glam squad in their corner on their most special day to uplift and elevate their beauty. Whether I give you a full on transformation or just teach you how to blend your foundation, I want women to feel as BADD as they are and look as GLAM as they want.



What's up dolls! I'm Jazel, a recent import from Calgary, Canada. I learned the beauty trade of both skincare and makeup while living in Canada. My extensive knowledge is over the course of 8 years from both taking esthetics education and continuing the dedication of learning the beauty industry as a whole from attending various seminars and trade shows.

Having Sam as a partner in solving beauty crimes, elevates, encourages, and reminds me that we as women need more GLITZ and GLAM in our lives because we earn that every day.

I'm here to DEW your makeup and give you the GLOWDOWN on how to give ongoing care for your skin after the festivities end.





Tel: 716-984-2732

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